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  • Insanity? Insolence? or Incel? 

    If you’re like me, you probably haven’t heard of the “Incel” movement until yesterday, after the attack in Toronto. A man named Alek Minassian drove a van through a group people on a sidewalk killing 10 and injuring 14 more. Most people initially assumed this was an act of terrorism by ISIS, or another terrorist organization […]

  • Home School, Home Church & Heterodoxy

    “By now most everyone has heard of the couple arrested in Perris, Ca., for child abuse. This happens to be the town my church is located in. Many are making mention of the fact that this couple was homeschooling their children and ultra-religious. The Grandmother even told reporters the grandchildren would memorize long passages in […]

  • Christianity, Community and Communion  

    Ask three different people what they mean by the terms “Christianity”, “Community” or “Communion” and you’ll get four different answers. In fairness, all three of these terms are complex terms with a vast array of complex meanings and usages. The purpose of this article will be to address them succinctly and biblically. My hope is […]

  • Valentine’s Day, Statism and Christian Obedience

    At first glance the title of this article seems to be a list of three mutually exclusive topics but as we will see they are all in alignment today as they were some 1,700 years ago. The story of Valentine ’s Day does not begin with Cupid or with other Pagan practices of debauchery. Like […]

  • Cop Killer, Ethics and the Law of God

    Four years ago today a manhunt was underway for a now-infamous cop turned cop killer. His name — Christopher Dorner. As most will remember, he left a rampage of terror throughout police departments in Southern California, which ultimately resulted in his death by way of a fiery shootout at the hands of law enforcement. The […]

  • Are ISIS and radical Islam the equivalents of the Protestant Reformation?

    At first glance, comparing ISIS to Protestants like Martin Luther and John Calvin seems ridiculous. However, let’s think this through, starting with a couple basic questions: What is Christianity? What is the Gospel? The answer to these questions today would be much different than if you were asking someone in the Middle Ages. The “death, […]

  • Blood Moons a sign of the end?

    Every few years or so a new apocalyptic “sign” will catch the media’s attention and lead popular Christian teachers to start to speculate about what it all means. I spend a lot of time around youth, and even though I don’t watch much TV these days, or keep up with the latest theories, I tend […]

  • Pope, Policy and Polylogism

    The recent visit to America by Pope Francis has marked a very interesting phenomenon.  On one side many are trying to align themselves with the Pope, even if they’re not Roman Catholic. On the other side, many are distancing themselves from the Pope and portraying him as the renegade Pope. Most interesting to me is […]